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Translation into more than 100 languages

SR Translations provides a comprehensive translation service in over 100 languages with more than 3200 professionally qualified mother-tongue translators on our approved register, enabling the Company to undertake several multi-language assignments simultaneously.

The services of partner companies in principal EU Member States and beyond have been secured to complement translation skills available in this country.

Our partnership agreements provide access to skilled professional translators in mainland Europe and throughout the world when sources available in the country are insufficient or to provide translation for assignments that do not involve English.

Translation, Main Languages

  • All European languages
  • Major Middle Eastern & Indian Sub-Continent languages
  • Major Far Eastern languages
  • ...and many more

Translation and translator services include

  • Translating business legal, contract & tender documents
  • Translate computer, technical and instruction manuals
  • Tourist guidebooks & leaflet translation
  • Business documentation, marketing and correspondence
  • Website translations, intranet translations
  • ...and many more translation services

Each language assignment is undertaken by professionally qualified translation staff on our approved register translating into their mother tongue only.

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